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Celebrity Photobomb!

Photobomb! This is the celebrity Grant Gustin from the show the Flash & also from Glee. Happy Halloween?????

Contour/Collage Project

This is my collage project and enjoy!

Photoshop Makeover

This image is me....photoshoped. I took an image of me and added more color.

Cartoon Head on Regular Body

I drew an image of a evil fire reaper, which I put on my body and chose a cool background.

Create Your Own Font

This is my own font called Cabrilo.

Hybrid Character

This is my hybrid character. This is composed of the Flash, Superman, and Batman. 

Colorized Drawing

The image on the left is my sketch of the three wizards in the video game, Clash Royale. The wizard on the very left is the Ice Wizard, in the middle is the Wizard, and on the very right is the Electro Wizard.

Top 5 Favorite Projects!!!

1.   Georgia 0' Keeffe Project

2. Impressionate Project

3. Candyland Landscape

4. Portrait Montage using different Backgrounds

5. Hybrid Character

Animated Gif.

I decided to make a gif of a rocket ship exiting Earth and entering the realm of space. The Space ship is Challenger.. the Challenger 2.0, the one which won't blow up.

Panoramic Image

This is my room in a Panoramic version. I took a simple and nice background, on which I pasted pics which are of my room and arranged them in an awesome way.

Digital Photography: Assignment Card 2

Day 1 Favorite Food
Day 2 Smile
Day 3 Happiness
Day 4 Leaves
Day 5 Morning Sky
Day 6 Books
Day 7 Something Funny
Day 8 Favorite Color
Day 9 Inspiring Person
Day 10 Nature
Day 11 Something Old
Day 12 Hair
Day 13 Written Words
Day 14 Movement
Day 15 Leading Lines
Day 16

Retouching Assignment

Hello everyone! This is my retouching assignment with MASTER YODA!!!!I used the blur tool to blur out the wrinkles and to me, Yoda looks so much different without wrinkles.



Magazine Cover Assignment

This is the famous Indian Celebrity, Shah Rukh Khan. What I did was took a pic of my face, in which I pasted on top of his face. I then adjusted the light  and made myself look like Shah Rukh.