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Cartoon Masterpiece

This is my cartoon masterpiece. The image on the bottom is the piece which is a Portrait of Ginerva de'Benci by Leonardo Da Vinci.The one on the top is my master piece. It is Pikachu in Ginerva's body. Very interesting....isn't it.The background is an image of a bee hive and which is surrounded with crops.

Scream Part2

This is the final part of the project, Scream. The one on the really top is the original image. The next painting is from my part 1. And last, the final image is the final picture for scream. This was such a great project to do!

Scream Part 1

Hello, everyone! This is my Scream Project Part 1.
The one on the bottom is the original, while the top is the new picture, the one I changed or created. First, I traced the whole image of the original and then I started to color the traced part and came up with this fabulous piece of art.

My Mona Lisa Project

This is my first project in this new Digital Art Class. This is an image which was produced on Photoshop which is an image of the original Mona Lisa painting which was made by Leonardo Di Vinci. Created by Pratham Saxena. (No copying)